A dream come true…

Back when I was Sec 4, I remember having to go for career guidance (as with all schools)… and I told the career guidance counselor that I wanted to be a television sitcom creator and writer in future.

I was discouraged from that and asked to consider something else, that’s probably less ridiculous (in ACS (I) books at least).

Afterall, most of, if not all of my classmates then have moved on to become doctors, lawyers, bankers, civil servants etc.

Then I moved on to Poly (cos as everyone knows, my Math and Science sucks a lot, so I would have just died if I did A Levels) and I applied for Mass Communications at Ngee Ann Poly, then one of only two schools that had the course.

I was asked at the admission interview (admissions was more stringent then), why I am applying for the course and which aspect of Mass Communications was my cup of team… my answer was, I wanted to work in television because I wanted to make a sitcom… oh and dramas of course.

The admissions interviewer asked me, what if you don’t get into this course, then how… and I remember saying, then I’ll come back again and again and again until I get in…

…and so I got in, had the best and worst times in school, got to work in television (where of course, I made several missteps and stepped on the wrong toes), but regardless, I did the best possibly job that I could every time, and managed to survive all for 10 years (5 years as a Director / Scriptwriter, 5 years doing other jobs from Production Assistant to Casting), always working towards my goal that I set out years ago…

In the last year, I worked on 202 (https://seanlwcheong.wordpress.com/2015/01/08/2025/) fulfilling my long-form drama goals but there’s one genre I’ve always wanted to work on but never, ever got the chance to until now…

October 14th 2015 is the day that my dream I’ve had 15 years ago has come true.

I present to you, Working Class, every Wednesday, 9.30pm on Channel 5.

Working Class

A show where as Director and Scriptwriter (and sometimes Editor), I got to be a Series Dictator Director, with some help from good friends of course… and I will gladly do it again for Season 2 (crossing fingers for that and course, that I’m on board again). I won’t have liked this show to be done in any other way.

Thank you everyone for making it happen, thank you everyone for being on board and to MY (cos I’m a dictator), cast, crew, production team etc… you guys turned out to be a dream team, also for putting up with my antics.  Thank you ALL for being part of it.

And regardless, whether people love the show or hate the show, I don’t care…

I present to you…

Working Class Banner

Every Wednesday, 9.30pm on Channel 5


Maimunah Bagharib

Rushi Budhrani

Paul Foster

Jean Toh


Edward Choy as the Narrator

with (in alphabetical order)

Adlina Adil

Nurul Aini

Justin Bratton

Pamelyn Chee

Chen Jun Wen

Melody Chen

Amy J. Cheng

Gerald Chew

Aiken Chia

Joey Feng

Esther Goh

Jerry Hoh

Edric Hsu

Sivarajah Kanesananthan

Laura Kee

Amesh Kumar

Nicholas Lee

Drake Lim

Joshua Jonathan Lim

Andrew Lua

Marcus Mok

Valere Ng

Zelda Tatiana Ng

Jaymeson Olivero

Lily Ong

Adeline Pang

John Pang

Sunny Pang

Wang Yu Phua

Ali Shewring

Joanne Marie Sim

Sebastian Sim

Bernard Tan

Gillian M. Tan

Jo Tan

Alaric Tay

Debra Teng

Bill Teoh

Wendy Toh

Devarajan Varadarajan

Zhang Wei

Production Team

Executive Producer: Tracy Chua

Production Manager: Lenus Chong

Casting Manger: Josclynne Kua

Locations Manager: Mabel Fong

Assistant Directors: Sabrina Lee, Leon Tai, Melissa De Souza

Production Assistants: Tan Sher Hwee, Bryan Fong

Edited by: Valris Ang, E. Gopi, Sabrina Lee

Additional Editing by: T. Vadamalai

Audio Post / Design: Danko Stefan – Desker

ADR Recording: Bryan Tan

Wardrobe Designer: Rey Lee

Wardrobe Assistant: Dee Abdul Ghani

Make-up Designer: Christina Koh

Art Director: Faizal Bohtiar

Art Assistants:

Muhammad Farhan, Muhammad Rahman Bin Abdul Rahim, Cheez Goh, Jason Lau, Shawn Tjoa


Jason Tai, Mark Hoon, Chow Kwai Hoong, Sivarajah Kanesananthan


Jevin Lim, Emmanuel Ombilod, Chia Jenn Hui, Charlotte Wong, Susanna Soon

Grips / Camera Assistants:

Francis Lim, Sivarajah Kanesananthan, Leslie Sim, Chiang Kin Mun, Jerry Yeo

Muhammad Fuad Bin Zulkilfli, Alex Seow, Lok Ng, Ben Tzq, Muhammad Hafiz Bin Hussin

Muhammad Hafiz Norazmi, Ivan Yau


About seanlwcheong

The portfolio and blog of Sean Li-wen Cheong - Producer / Writer / Director.
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