A science-fiction thriller series.

2025 starts 3 Jan 2015 at 9.30pm on Channel 5!

Do catch it everyone!

Plot Outline:

In 2025, John Tang’s driverless car crashes ­- the first accident involving driverless cars in history. He survives, but is abducted from hospital right under the nose of Detective Shane Lum, who is investigating the case.

His family -­ wife Renee and daughter Kaylin -­ along with their neighbour Finian, are swept up in a tidal wave of events, culminating in a global conspiracy for control. They must race against time to uncover the details of the conspiracy before it’s too late.

Who is behind the plot? What do the mysterious Offliners ­- the outcast community that rejects modern connectivity -­ have to do with everything? And what price will they have to pay at the end of it all?


Amy J. Cheng, Gerald Chew, Eunice Annabel, Scott C. Hillyard, Edward Choy, Melissa Faith Yeo, Amesh Kumar, Lim Kay Tong, Shane Mardjuki, Pamelyn Chee, Daniel Jenkins, Andrew Lua


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The portfolio and blog of Sean Li-wen Cheong - Producer / Writer / Director.
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