In Cold Blood, The Centennials and My Grandfather’s Road

I have just wrapped IN COLD BLOOD, in which I am very thankful for being able to work in drama again with an awesome team.

In spite of how awful the featured stories may have been, this production truly is appropriate to my belief that with every production, I am learning and getting better and better… I can truly say that it is the case with IN COLD BLOOD. It was truly a learning experience and a blast! Not to mention the new friends that I made from the production team and the old ones that I re-connected with again!

IN COLD BLOOD is a docu-drama series on what drives people to extreme and shocking acts of behavior which not only break the law but end in hurt and tragedy… and is set to telecast sometime in September onwards I believe


June also saw my start on my next production, “The Centennials” and “My Grandfather’s Road”, which has seen me travel to Tokyo and soon, KL for shoots too.

Pushing both productions now… as both telecast in August.


All things considered, it’s been a good month and although it does not look like it, here’s hoping for more productions for August onwards… and if all things goes to plan, there is a chance that I may just be able to work on type of production that I have been dreaming about for years…


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One Response to In Cold Blood, The Centennials and My Grandfather’s Road

  1. mark hillman says:

    congrats mate, will be looking out for it : )

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