Groom My Room

“Groom My Room” is a highly-rated makeover / reality game show for children in Singapore.

Presently, the long-running series is in its 8th Season and I am having having lots of fun filming it but it will come to an end in two weeks time and I’d move on to another series.

I’d post some photos up soon when I am allowed to.



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One Response to Groom My Room

  1. Christopher Bacon says:

    My Autistic son is very obsessed with Groom My Room and has covered his door with signs saying Grooming in progress and Groom my Room adverts that he has drawn. He keeps asking me to phone the Groom my Room team to come over. He is driving us crazy……. He wants a room made from giant lego blocks or a lego theme of some kind….He has an amazing imagination!

    I was discussing with my wife that the real problem with programs such as house make overs is that they tend to focus on the Rich kids or those that do not really require the help. Groom my Room is not too bad in this area though. It is important to use presenters who are the experts in the design field so it comes across as more professional?? Singapore television still has this problem of using the same presenters for everything even when not warranted. Just using the expert in the subject would be better that a presenter who has no idea on the subject. A lot of serious subjects are presented in a very childish and almost comical way due to the type and attitudes of the presenters used. Unfortunately very few presenters in Singapore appear to have the ability to present anything in a serious and intellectual way. Also you see the same faces everywhere.

    I thought it would be good if you could do a special series for the Special Needs and disabled children. You could show the special types of room they need to stimulate their development and allow them to move around easier and have easier access to their room contents. This will also make other children and adults more aware of special needs and disabled children in Singapore. It is a lot of stress for us parents and made even harder with the lack of understanding in Singapore. We just had to take our son out of another kindergarten as they were not able to keep him stimulated and therefore he just ran around doing his own thing. So far he has been to about 5 different kindergarten with the same story regarding each. He has a unique memory and retains information accurately after being told once. After one chinese lesson he was fluent in all the chinese words he had been taught and he is also very good at singing. Tell him a story and he will remember is word for word. I am sure their are many more like him in Singapore. Next year he Starts in Primary 1 at St. Andrew’s Primary School.

    Anyway, I thought I would just share this story with you. Keep up the great work!


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