Essentially, Sean Li-wen Cheong is a Director / Writer of compelling stories with an unquenchable thirst for refinement in the world of television and video –  and the best show he’ll ever do will be the next one.

Sean has established relationships across the different sectors within the media industry; working closely with them to produce original television content, television commercials and corporate films in various genres for projects. Clients range from television stations, governmental agencies, hotels and multinational corporations.

From concept and scripting to filming and editing, Sean offers turnkey expertise and manages the whole workflow for a production with his experience in projects of varied scales and complexities. Offering an ‘end to end’ solution, Sean will work with you from the initial concept and scripting stage, right up to creating multiple copies of your DVD and providing other distribution methods such as web videos, and e-marketing solutions.

But all the above is nothing without telling a good story. The story is the centre of what Sean does whether it’s a TV show or a corporate video. Sean challenges himself with every project to come out with an idea that is exciting and different to deliver a polished product that you can be assured of maximum production quality that meets your projects needs regardless.

If you have a compelling story to tell, or a wide audience to be reached …Sean can help bring your message to life all set to entertain and communicate with audiences.